Some Suggestions For Using the Inflatable Mirror Ball

Some Suggestions For Using the Inflatable Mirror Ball

Here are some suggestions for using the inflatable mirror ball:
1. Be cautious while opening the package to avoid scratching the product.

2. Before inflating, it’s recommended to gently pat the ball. This prevents the inner tank and outer cover from sticking together, reducing the risk of breakage and air leakage.

Generally, the ball can stay inflated for about 7 days. If you notice deflation shortly after initial inflation, don’t worry, it’s not a leak. This is because only the outer layer may be filled with air initially, while the inner tank is not yet fully inflated. Simply continue using the air pump to inflate it completely.

3. Store the mirror balls in a dry, well-ventilated area, avoiding prolonged exposure to sunlight or damp environments. Before storing, deflate the balls and neatly stack them to save storage space.

4. If the product is folded multiple times, creases are inevitable. Therefore, if the product is stored after use, try not to fold it too many times, so that there will be fewer wrinkles on the surface of the product.


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