how to set up an inflatable balloon bubble house

How to Set Up an Inflatable Bubble House

  1. Choose a suitable location: The area where you will set up the balloon bubble house should be flat and free of sharp or protruding objects that could damage the Crystal dome inflatable bubble. It should also be well-ventilated and away from potential hazards such as fire or strong winds.

  2. Unpack the Inflatable Balloon Bubble Tent: Lay out the bubble tent and all its components, which should include the inflatable clear bubble tent, the air pump and the air blower.

  3. Inflate the Inflatable Balloon House: Connect the air pump to the inflation valve on the balloon bubble tent, and turn on the red button to inflate the crystal dome tent. In the meanwhile, connect the air blower to the inflation tube of the balloon house, to supply the air into the bubble. Please fasten the blower to the vent. Be sure to securely tie the blower and vent together to prevent detachment. Keep the blower running continually to maintain air pressure inside the inflatable bubble house, so that the balloons will be flying happily inside the bubble tent. The bubble tent will be fallen down if the blower is turned off.   

  4. Please always keep in mind that the air exhaust cover should be always open, both the inner door and the outer door should be open about 50-80cm.
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How to fix the bubble house on the ground using pegs.


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