How to Set Up the Inflatable Bounce House

How to Set Up the Inflatable Bounce House

1.Survey the ground to ensure it's flat and free from any sharp objects like rocks, sticks, or pine cones that could damage the inflatable. Also, check for overhead obstacles like trees or power lines.

2.Lay out the inflatable in the desired direction.

3.Unfold the inflatable and connect the blower(s) to the designated "Port," usually located at the back or sides of the inflatable. Secure any unused "Ports" by twisting the material and tying it off, or use a rope to close them, if applicable.

4.Secure all Velcro and zipper compartments.

5.Plug heavy-duty extension cord(s) into a power source. Allocate one 20-amp fuse for each blower, typically requiring a separate 110-volt outlet for each blower.

6.Turn on the power. Some blowers have an On/Off switch on the blower itself. While the inflatable is inflating, check for any air escaping from vents or ports.

7.Ensure that the air hose leading to the blower is not twisted.

8.If you're setting up on grass, use stakes to anchor the bounce house in place. On hard ground, use sandbags to stabilize the bounce house
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